Title:Basic Equipment You Should Have and Use
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Description:My second year piece was a cheval mirror a small mirror mounted on a shaped base with drawers that would be placed on the top of a ladies dressing table and even though it wasn't a large item it involved many difficult techniques and fine detailed work. My third year project was a Sofa Table, a reasonable step up and a lot bigger in size than my previous pieces. These tables are a rectangular shape with a small flap on either end and were very popular in the 18th century. They were placed behind sofas and were usually quite narrow and tall allowing items to be placed on them with ease. My final year project was a Bureau Bookcase on stand with Cabriole legs.
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Meta Description:If you find a piece with small cracks in it and it's still slightly wet, put it back immediately. As that would dries the cracks will only get larger and could end up harming your simple woodworking project. One last thought is that not all defects
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