Description:JALPOWER is an advanced remote power monitoring device, CONTINUOUSLY SENSES the Voltages & Current Loads in the 3 PHASE POWER SYSTEMS. If there is any fault in phases, it ALERT the user by Phone call, SMS, Mobile Notification & Ground level Alarms. This alerting system will help the users in preventing the loss or damage of the equipments and appliances. This device helps the users to take proper decision to prevent accidents or losses that is due to power failures or power fluctuations. With the help of the device, Users or Businesses can SAVE MONEY INDIRECTLY in the form of reducing Power Bills, Equipment Damages, Regular Equipment Maintenances Costs and Diesel Theft.
Meta Keywords:#power_distribution_unit #iot_power_monitoring_device #advanced_remote_power_monitoring_device,#power_monitoring_system
Meta Description:#power_distribution_unit #iot_power_monitoring_device #advanced_remote_power_monitoring_device #power_monitoring_system
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